Since our inception in the year 2013, Nirman Organisation is one of the most innovative, dynamic and progressive sales and marketing company in India. Our team of unconventional, dynamic and spirited Marketing and Advertising professionals thrive to deliver excellence in service to both our Clients and Customers.

We have significantly helped in creating value and improving overall business performances for our clients. Creating a strong relationship with our clients by providing quality sales and unmatched customer service has always been our primary goal. We attract our customers with a personalized cost effective concept of face to face commercial. Our process ensures a reliable method of developing a long-term relationship between the customer and the product. 


At Nirman, we offer a unique and dynamic working environment - a culture that balance professionalism with enthusiasm, support with competition. We are especially committed to the individual growth of each of our employees by providing them extraordinary exposure to various fields. We propagate and promote entrepreneurship. We, at Nirman, encourage and support our people to pursue their passion, their dreams and become future entrepreneurs.

About Our MD - Mr. Nirav Mandavia

Nirav Mandavia, a graduate of BMS (Marketing), Mumbai University and A Diploma holder in Advertising tasted entrepreneurship at the age of 17 when he started his own dance class. Since then, starting his venture and making it big was always a goal. In pursuit of his dream, Nirav joined The Millennium Organisation soon after his graduation. The insightful guidance of management team coupled with Nirav’s passion to grow; got him various opportunities to be proficient in his career. He always believed in setting the bar high and then achieving it by any means. And with his exuberance, competitive nature and willingness to excel, Nirav achieved ownership in 2013 and started Nirman Organisation in the garden city of Bangalore.

Nirav is a charismatic leader with a passion to grow and empower people. He believes in sharing his vision with his team and supporting them to create their own. He utilizes his innate talents and effectively leverages the natural talents of his team to accomplish the mission.

He believes that- “Everyone is a Superstar; they just need to find their Spark.”

So if you want to spark up your career and make an impact working in an organization that is open, focused and driven to help you achieve your goals, join our team now.

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